Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Europe to clear the head.

So i have decided that leaving the USA to clear my head of stupid boys helped alot. I am now not feeling like i must be with anyone to enjoy my life... I am happy to be single and living how i please. I have seen and done many things here that if i were with someone i would feel like i couldn´t be free. That doesn´t mean that i have been with other people it just means that i have been able to not have a leash attatched to me so that i would have to call, write, or text to someone just to let them know i am not cheating on them or whatever... I am sick of having a leash on me that says i have to let them know i am fine but for them they can do what they want no way.... it works both ways or not at all. Freedom is a beautiful thing... I will have to post some pictures online when i have a chance. I have seen some beautiful things while i have been here in Austria and I will continue to travel as much as i can... Now i will be saving up for trips all the time. Don´t care if its even in the great USA or all around the world just getting away helps to clear the mind. :) super duper... Gentlemen to exist if u wait for them... Mine´s out there some where.... maybe it will happen soon or maybe i will meet him later... Doesn´t matter for now God, family, school ,and work are the most important things... (family includes friends) life is good just keep on smelling the roses and looking at the glass half full that´s all we can do... SMILE =)

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  1. You should never have to feel like you have a leash on you. EVER!!

    I have been married 3 years... together with Brian going on 9 years and I have never felt that way.

    If there's no trust in the relationship. Then there's no relationship. Period.