Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where are they??

Ladies i'm not sure how many of you agree with me, but have you noticed lately there are less and less gentlemen out there? Most guys just want to get you in bed, get what they can out of you, or just take your money from you. What happened to men wanting to be sentimental, caring, and loving creatures? This day in age is all about what can they do for me. Relationships are now only one sided one person is doing all the work... normally it's us ladies. When you break up one of those relationships they don't understand why and blame you for all the stuff that happened. Then you have those other guys that tell you they are your friends, but next thing you know they are asking for you to sleep with them.....
When was the last time a guy opened the door for you or actually took the time to ask you how your day was? Men we are not here to serve you like slaves, yes the Bible does call us to serve you, but it also says that you need to serve us. Buying yourself a big screen tv and throwing yourself down in front of it to keep out of our hair isn't a way of serving.... it's just plain lazy. I know you have to work hard, but in this day in age we all do. Ladies have a job, and they come home, cook, clean, and take care of you.... hello we need a break sometimes.
Once in a while we'd like to be wined and dinned, given occasional flowers, given a hug, a kiss, or just hey "dear you look nice today". Is it so much to ask for you to open the door for us, to open the car door for us, or even to just ask us how our day was. We understand whe you come home from work you might not want to talk about it right away... but we always listen when you want to talk. I didn't realize that we demand so much. Most of us aren't that high mantience... if we are you can tell us in a gentle way.... if we don't listen be patient we have to do the same for you... Oh and is it sooooo much to ask that you put the toilet seat down after your finished... it was not designed to keep the lid up... have you looked at it... it doesn't look nice...
I am not being sinicle i'm just hurt, sick in tired, and frustrated with being treated like a piece of meat.... I am not a steak dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am human I have feelings just like you.... What happened to respect??? Disicpline? I guess you threw it out the window like your parents or maybe you just never had any for yourself therefore you miss treat all of us because you feel you've been treated wrong... GROW UP!!!!!


  1. Fantastic! Glad to see you blogging! Keep it up. It's important to be able to let it out... and what a hell of a way to do it.

  2. You aren't going to like my comment... but you know me, I am honest.

    Sweetie, you attract these losers. I have been trying to tell you this for YEARS!!!!!

    You need to find yourself. Once you do that, things will fall into place.

    Please, know that guys don't change. Either you have to deal with the person they are... or you have to change. And I do NOT want to see you change!! You are a wonderful person, and someone just as wonderful will come into your life when you are ready.

  3. Good to let it out =)
    Be so glad to know now at a young age how you do not want to be treated!! And YES! You are a wonderful person! Your Creator made you unique, beautiful and He loves you! You are beautiful inside and out.

    Yes the person that deserves you will come, while you are busy learning about who you are and while you are busy walking down the center of God's will for you..

    There are gentlemen out there, when you least expect.