Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lonely for a Min...

Sometimes its frustrating when you look around and friends are all getting married or have a guy that actually seems to be right for them. Sometimes I envy those people... but then I think about it... I still have so much time to do that. I can travel, see the things I want to see, and I can get what I want to get done. It was interesting a co-worker of mine and I were speaking about my ex situation and I had mentioned I really hadn't thought of him while I was on my trip. He said "then you probably didn't really love him"...Hum interesting situation. Oh well life goes on...

I am currently at work super early on a Saturday morning. I am very tired and still a little jet lagged. I am hoping that clears up soon. My room looks like Hurricane Katrina went through it. It needs to be redone so that I have a little place to call my own. I have been planning how I want it to look I am going to force myself as tired as I am to work on it today.

I know one thing for sure I am happy to have a job in these tough times right now. Things are getting pretty bad... People's homes being foreclosed, no one finding jobs, and just not enough cash flow for anyone. It's hitting the plumbing business' very bad, and I see it everyday. One of our major companies just had their general contractor (who owes them a lot of money) file for chapter 11 it's such a huge general that this particular chapter 11 was reported in the newspaper. I personally think that the major factors of our economy being so bad are as follows... people like the octuplets mom who live off the government, gas prices, housing prices, and over saturation of businesses. I could never ever ever live off the government I'd find a way to make money and I for darn sure would work my butt of till I found myself a job. Laziness is one of the worst diseases that exist in the world today it isn't obesity or cancer it's laziness.

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