Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So last night i was greeted by several text messages and retardedness from the ex.... Guess they'll never learn. They must think its in their nature and their job to bug us till the end. Men just don't get it when we say we are done we are done. I was driving back to work today from home taking care of my little adorable dog Duke. And i was thinking to myself how happy i am to be single. I feel very content right where i am at in life. I have wonderful people around me right now, i am envolved with church, going to school, and just enjoying the great out doors what on earth do i need a boy friend for??? haha. Boys... the'll never learn.

Today is a nice day outside too nice to be couped up at work. I have a job though I need to be grateful for that. My work layed off two people last week here and that just makes it so close to home. The worst part about it was that they were both my friends at work. That always makes it more tough. I am just treaking along here. I want to take my amazing dog for a hike on Saturday after i am done working. I think he'll enjoy that and i love being in God's creation.

I've really been learning patience these days because i've had to keep my head above water here at work. I have a difficult time answering phones all day. It gets tiresome and i get to a point where i wish my other co-worker was here still. She was the main receptionist before i became the main one. So i hardly had to answer phones....not that i am complaining just more a trial of patience. I am learning to get through it though. God knows how much i can handle and won't give me more than He can help me to handle.

I am also looking forward to paying off my bills so i can get my bedroom set and be able to get my life a little more organized. I did get my room cleaned and i fianlly unpacked from my trip hahaha wow i know how many weeks ago now... I've been a bit busy can you tell. haha ok well i am going to have to close this down now. thanks for listening... that is if you were. haha...

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